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IT Strategies Group has been involved in many recoveries over the years. Thankfully in many more instances we have not only helped organizations improve their backup performance but more importantly, helped them achieve their needed levels recoverability, before they faced a DR event. Ten years ago a datacenter recovery was a once in a career event. Today, Gartner is saying that organizations need to be ready to recover their systems at least once a decade. Many, who do not adequately design recoverability into their IT management practice and / or solutions are unable to recover key systems, resulting in the closure of their business. This makes it vital to design backup and disaster recovery into IT solutions, regardless of the size of your organization.

ITSG has leveraged the experience its' engineers have gained designing and managing backup and recovery environments at large Fortune 500 companies, to create set of processes that allow us to quickly assess your organization's backup / recovery capabilities relative to your business needs. If you call us in as a new client, in the midst of a disaster recovery event, we use a methodology with a proven track record, to determine what data / systems are recoverable, possible mitigations, for those that don't appear to be and establish an order of recovery. This ensures the your environment is recovered as quickly as possible.

The backup and recovery practice at ITSG is broken up into two groups:

Backup & Recovery Assessment and Redesign

This team focuses on working with you to determine what your business backup needs are (what the business recovery point objective (RPO) and the recovery time objectives (RTO) are. The team will then document the backup environment, backup schedules, retention times, etc., and provide a report that outlines where your organization is meeting those requirements and where it is not, as well as the environment's recoverability from cyber / natural DR events. The report will then offer what your mitigation options are. As with our architecture practice, business drivers, technical requirements, current state, future state and transition plan are also included.

Disaster Recovery Specialist

This group focuses completely on data center recoveries. The team has experience recovering data centers in the gaming, finance, industrial and health care industries. ITSG works with several key security partners, while we address bringing your systems back up, they can identify the breach point (if cyber related) and ensure any security vulnerabilities that could result in a delayed recovery, are addressed.

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