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ITSG has extensive experience with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). We can provide clarity for you on how to achieve business value from the cloud yet minimize the risks to your organization's data and reputation.

IT Strategies Group has divided our cloud assessment and migration service into four types of engagements:

Application Readiness & Migrations

We are getting calls all the time from companies, just like yours, asking us for help. They have sales people coming in every day and telling they need to get their applications and data to the cloud and become part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Many times these sales people are making it sound like all you have to do is copy your stuff up to the cloud and your done. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. A lot of work needs to be done to understand how your application works, is its' data federated, etc., AND how is the application used by the company? What are the impacts to any of your regulatory obligations? How much data? What is the daily amount of traffic? These questions, and many more need to be answered before you are going to understand if the application is even capable of living in the cloud, not to mention whether it is going to be cost effective living there.

ITSG can help you get all the needed questions answered, help you review which cloud service would best meet your needs and help you get it all moved to the cloud, if we find it is technically feasible AND cost effective

Software as a Service Assessments & Migrations

SaaS is different than moving an existing application to the cloud. In this instance you are looking at using a application such as or QuickBooks Online, that is designed to be hosted in and used from the cloud. While it may seem like a slam dunk sometimes on using these applications, it can be far from it. For instance, you decide you want your sales force to use Looks simple at the outset, but then you realize that you have a custom application that feeds your production scheduling process or some other internal application that is critical to your business, how do you or can you integrate?

ITSG engineers understand all the top tier SaaS applications, more importantly they understand the underlying technologies behind SaaS in general and can help you identify these questions as you evaluate these solutions and ensure you are not caught off guard. After completing all the due diligence and deciding to subscribe to a SaaS solution, we can help you integrate with (or migrate from) your legacy systems too!

Hybrid Cloud & Disaster Recovery Assessments & Migrations

Many organizations are moving towards a mixture of public cloud and their traditional datacenter environments. The most common form of hybrid cloud is customers wanting to move their backups to the cloud. While this might seem like an no brainer, it is not. There are a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account. If you are moving in this direction, let our hybrid cloud and DR recovery engineers take a look at your environment, your backup and recovery requirements and help you navigate the minw field this effort can be.

Infrastructure as a Service Assessments & Migrations

Many of our clients first went down the path of colocation / hosting services and then progressed to letting their vendor take over their entire infrastructure layer. We see about a 50 / 50 success rate with IaaS implementation, even from those that were using hosted services first. Particular attention needs to be paid to required performance, required isolation of data (can you even be on shared hardware), elasticity (how much your environment expands and contracts (and the rate it occurs)), monitoring, reporting and service levels. All of this, and much more, needs to be taken into account before you can gain an accurate viability assessment.

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