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IT Strategies Group (ITSG) provides several types of IT (EA) architecture services. All of them will aid you in technology planning and execution, using defined processes, methodologies and tool sets, which ensure that your IT environment not only aligns with your business goals but enables them. The challenge with IT strategy and architecture is knowing what level of detail provides the optimum value to your organization. Go to deep and your architecture process is not flexible and cost more money than it saves. Don't go deep enough and it doesn't provide the information needed to make good decisions with, or provide the needed agility.

ITSG provides two types of architecture services.

Architecture as a Service

Architecture as a service is primarily marketed to those organizations who know that they need to understand their IT environment and ensure it is providing maximum value. We have organizations of all sizes using our architecture as a service offering, increasingly we are seeing small to medium sized companies engaging us as they realize government regulations, cloud computing, competing with larger organizations and general operational processes present complexities they need to understand. In the past, your organization could get away with a small collection of apps and servers that grew over time. Today, you need competitive advantage, cost containment and regulatory compliance just to stay in business.

IT Strategies Group's Architecture as a Service is a subscription based program. ITSG comes to your site(s) and does an initial setup:

Once the initial setup is completed, and the roadmap is accepted by you, ITSG will help you, and your team, with a set number of vendor selections each year, along with quarterly check-ins to ensure the roadmap is still on track. The plan is reviewed with you annually and adjustments made to address for new business drivers, technology changes or other roadmap impacting changes. You also gain access to ITSG's secure, online architecture repository and client request for proposal (RFP) tools.

Engagement Based Architecture

If you are not looking for all the benefits of ITSG's Architecture as a Service, but need targeted architecture help, we have our engagement based architecture offering. These projects are of many shapes and sizes but all fall into the following categories:

Enterprise Architecture

In these engagements ITSG staff work with your existing Enterprise Architecture (EA) team to optimize your current program, or work with your team to start an EA program. These engagements are usually done with ITSG's larger clients, who are at an organizational size that supports having these expensive resources on staff.

Project Specific Architecture

ITSG is brought in to create an architecture for a specific large scale project. Due to the nature of these engagements, ITSG only takes these types of engagements with existing clients. When doing a project related architecture project, it is important that a well established EA program already exists, so that the current state architecture is already defined and can be leveraged.

Infrastructure Architecture

Have a good understanding of what applications your have but feel you don't understand what hardware systems those applications exist on? What those hardware assets end-of-life are? What common services are needed to support them, etc.? ITSG has a lot of experience getting an accurate current state inventory and rationalizing where the assets are and assisting you in fully understanding your hardware layer. Then working with your to create your desired future state, addressing future needs, addressing current operational deficiencies / unmet needs. Ending with a detailed transition plan that maps what needs to be done to move you from your current state to the desired future state over a given time period.

Cloud and Backup / DR Assessments

Both cloud and Backup / DR assessments are ran with similar processes to our normal architecture engagements, however, due to the hype around them today, we separately address them on the site, please follow these links

Backup and DR Assessments

Cloud Assessments

Benefits of Having a Well Laid Out IT Architecture

You hear "IT Architecture" and think of a collection of drawings and inventory spreadsheets, and while you see some value, you feel the value is offset because you believe the data will quickly become obsolete. If that was all IT Architecture was, your assessment would be correct. The level of detail in an IT Architecture is what makes it successful. The more complex an environment, the higher need for automating the inventories, perhaps from a CMDB, the more important modeling is, etc. Conversely, those types of efforts detract from having an effective architecture program for small organizations. A good IT Architecture provides the level of detail your organization needs to make sound IT decisions. That detail should drive the number and types of artifacts needed to support the IT architecture process. The architecture must be process driven so that updates are easy and the information is kept current. When this happens, you are able to:

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