IT Procurement


It is often hard to compare IT products because the vendors obfuscate the facts with all kinds of useless facts, figures and functionality.  The team at ITSG has spent 40 plus years and negotiated over $300 million in IT related purchases. Here is a  high level view of ITSG's procurement process:

  • Gather functional requirements (what does it have to do to fulfill the function it is being purchased for)

  • Gather non-functional requirements (what does it have to conform to, in order to fit in your environment) 

  • Work with business leaders and / or IT management (stakeholders) to determine preliminary budget

  • Determination of the short list of vendors

  • Write and submit RFx to vendors, in a way that forces them to answer very specific questions and doesn't let them use marketing material to answer

  • Weigh each of the requirements per their impact to the business

  • Work with team to score vendor RFx responses

  • Determine finalist, bring each in for presentation 

  • Possible product bake-off and / or proof-of-concept

  • Vendor black out period declared and contract negotiations started

  • Contract agreed to

  • Implementation planning

Sounds easy!  The tricks are getting the right requirements out of your business and IT stakeholders, getting accurate weightings that help drive accurate, qualitative scoring for vendor selection and knowing price points for the technology in play.

IT Procurement Services, vendor and product selection.