• Kevin McDaniel

Backup Product Blinking Lights = GOOD (NOT)!

The methodologies and technologies used to back up a small 100-person business are much different than what will be deployed for a large multi-national Fortune 500 enterprise.  A backup solution should be designed to provide the necessary recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO), with an eye towards maximizing simplification and performance of the recovery, consistent with the environment being backed up.  To often backup solutions that are designed for large environments, get marketed and sold to small firms.

While these applications work great for their intended market, they tend to drive higher levels of complexity than is needed for smaller organizations, that have limited IT resources and cannot dedicated a person solely to the backup fun

ction. This tends to result in a backup solution that if implemented correctly, most likely has not been maintained adequately.

During many of the recoveries our team has been involved in, we find that functionality or processes are not followed. This has resulted in elongating the recovery process, at best, and sometimes rendered the system / data unrecoverable.

Make sure that your backup environment has the right level of functionality BUT simplified to a level that it is executable, in your environment. Install it correctly and test it OFTEN!


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