• Kevin McDaniel

Enterprise Architecture - Not Just for the BIG Guys!

In the video below, we discuss how companies in the SMB space actually receive a higher return on investing in enterprise (or IT) architecture and see that return faster. This has to do with the size of the organizations IT and the momentum it takes to change directions in larger organizations (they are less agile).

Take a look, enterprise architecture isn't just for the big players anymore. At IT Strategies Group we have a dedicated practice to helping clients with all forms of architecture: Enterprise, Application, Data, Security, Backup and Cloud. While this work is rewarding, what really is fun for us today, is that we have included this into our Managed Services offering. Not only do you get a group to monitor, manage and fix your IT equipment, you get a world class architect who will come in, learn about your business, assess your current IT environment and then propose a path forward. It is one of the many ways our managed services offing not only takes management of your IT off your hands, it elevates your technology use at your organization.

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