Why Choose IT Strategies Group?

01. Our Mission

IT Strategies Group’s mission is to be the team that truly listens to our clients' needs and challenges and actively works to earn their business every day by delivering:

  • The solutions that best satisfy the needs of the client’s business, at a price point that makes sense for their organization and adheres to our principle of driving for simplification

  • What we say we will, in the time-frame we say we will get it done, at the price we say we will do it

  • A customer experience that shows we are a relationship-based company focused on helping our clients protect their data and optimize their systems, while providing the highest level of discretion.  This is driven by our genuine gratitude that the client has decided to entrust a vital part of their business operations


We can provide all this by focusing on our team, hiring only tier one technologists who have a proven track record of driving success and working collaborative within their teams and with clients.  We keep our staff challenged, trained and excited about helping clients use technology to elevate and positively impact their businesses.  Most importantly, keeping the work place fun, professional and respectful, while cultivating a culture that values work / life balance.

02.Our Vision

IT Strategies Group leverages its' extensive experience in disaster recovery, data-center operations and architecture to continue to be a leading provider of:

  • Fully managed services (security and network operations and backup / DR)

  • Engagement based disaster recovery services

  • Vendor selection and mitigation services

For the upper Midwest (WI, MN, IA and IL) move into the next five years. 


ITSG leverages the relationships and trust we earn there, to gain market share in the infrastructure architecture and enterprise architecture service segments. 


this is accomplished by adhering to our values:

  • Act with Integrity;

  • Understand & speak to the business;

  • Be inclusive

  • Our team is our future and our clients are our business. 


These exemplify our desire to build relationships on trust, both with our clients and with our team members. This allows us to retain quality clients and just as importantly, attract and retain highly qualified, innovative and self-starting team members.

03. Our Values
Act with Integrity

Our reputation will always be our differentiation and key selling point.  That reputation is, and will continue to be, built on: 

  • Being true to our core values and competencies;

  • Always meaning what we say;

  • Always making good on our commitments ;

  • Always provide our clients the discretion they request

  • Always doing the right thing, even when it is the painful choice

Understand and Speak to the Business

Technology that does not fulfill a business need is nothing more than blinking lights.  Every employee at ITSG will strive to understand our client’s business, the impacts their industry has on them, as well as what makes them unique to their industry.  This provides clear insight into what their technology needs are.  When we discuss technology with clients, it will always center on how the technology will enable their business, either in new ways or to address existing operational challenges or constraints.

Inclusive but Decisive

Internally, the goal is to always hear from the team what their opinions and suggestions are.  Externally, the goal is to make insightful recommendations to our clients that keep them informed on the impacts their decision(s) will have on their environment.  In both cases, internally / externally, when a decision is made, it is decisive and we move as one towards the objective. 

Our Team is Our Future

Without an excellent team, there is nobody to help our clients.  We value each of our team members' hard work and inputs.  Our team structure is in place to allow each member to be innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers, who can help our company continue to reinvent itself and help our clients rock their industries and reach their technical & financial goals.

Our Clients are Our Business

Just as we cannot exist without a dedicated team, we can’t exist without our clients.  Understanding each of our clients and their businesses, and creating technology solutions and providing services that have long-lasting, positive impact on their operations and bottom line must always be our passion.

04. Our Culture

The company culture at IT Strategies Group is summed up in the following:

  • We live and breathe our values

  • We value life / work balance

  • ITSG believes in giving back to the communities we serve, and encourage our employees to do the same.

  • We will treat each other with respect and embrace that our diversity makes us stronger and fuels our innovation

  • When appropriate, view points will be encouraged and heard, once a decision has been made, we will all march as one regardless of our prior view point

  • We will celebrate our successes & lift others with the opportunities they offer

  • We will share our losses & learn from them

05. Our Guarantee  

IT Strategies Group prides itself on being an integrity driven partner.  If we start a job or offer a service and there are issues, not driven by client changes or client driven changes in scope, or incorrect information provided to ITSG, we will work through them and make it right for our client.