• Worried your IT doesn't supports your business goals?
  • Not sure what IT assets you have, and when they need to be replaced?
  • Worried you have ten (10) applications with the same functionality?
  • Not sure if that guy who is selling you the technology is architecting the best solution for you, or just justifying what he is selling?
How ITSG Can Help...

Backup and DR

  • Are you sure your business systems are recoverable?
  • Are you sure you are backing up everything you need?
  • Worried there is an interdependency between systems that are not addressed and will make the over all solution unrecoverable?
  • Worried you are not complying with government mandated regulations?
How ITSG Can Help...

IT Spend

  • Do you feel like IT is asking for money constantly and not sure what that spend is enabling your organization?
  • Does it feel like sometimes you are buying from the good ol'boy network?
  • Is your selection process all about meeting requirements or something else?
  • Sure you are getting the best value for your IT spend?
How ITSG Can Help....

What Makes ITSG Different and A Couple more Questions We Answer Everyday

mobile optimizedWhy ITSG? What Makes ITSG Different from the Rest?

IT Strategies Group was founded with one golden rule, we would NEVER resell a product, software, hardware or otherwise. Having spent 20 years on the customer side, using resellers, we always wondered if we were getting the solution we needed or justification for one the reseller was selling. We talk to small, medium, large and enterprise clients all the time and when we share this principle, the immediate response is always "I have wondered about that myself".

When ITSG is engaged, we are focused on your business, your IT environment, we have no technology bias, other than it has to be right for your organization’s needs.

A Couple More Questions We Answer Everyday

iconAbove we listed some of the top questions that motivate potential clients to hire ITSG. Here are a few more we tend to get asked. See any you identify with? If so, call us, we can help:  


Strategy and Architecture
Backup and Recovery
Cloud Assessments
Vendor / Product Selection and Purchase Negotiation
Vendor Arbitration


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