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Bring Fortune 500 level IT security, performance, availability and recovery services to your business!

Our Services


Let our data backup architecture team use the experience we have gained in 100's of recoveries to ensure your systems are fully recoverable AND optimized for fast and simplified recovery. 

Most companies sell backup solutions, we sell recovery solutions!

Managed IT Services

ITSG's managed services team has the experience and tools needed to reduce your cost of IT and, at the same time, give your business the security, performance, availability and recover-ability of Fortune 500 companies.

We not only  reduce your IT spend, we elevate your IT experience, so you can focus on your business!

Disaster Recovery

If your systems are down, we are your discrete and responsive partner helping you navigate the complexities of IT recovery, getting your systems back quickly and with as little data loss as your backup practices will allow.

Let us help you cut through the chaos!


Want to drive complexity and cost out of your environment through an architecture program?


Whether you need to start an Enterprise

Architecture program or need help defining an application, infrastructure, cloud or backup & recovery architecture(s), we have helped some of the largest corporations in the world.  


We will bring those skills and experiences to your company!

IT Procurement

Our team has managed 100's of product selections and negotiated their subsequent purchase agreements.  We have a clear, qualitative method for RFx's and contract negotiations that we have developed from 30 years.

In that time, we have negotiated over $300 million worth of technology related purchases.

On average we save our clients 30% more than they achieve on their own!

Vendor Mediation

You invested tens of thousands (perhaps millions) of dollars on a solution.  Now that solution is down or running sub-optimally.  Your 'partners' are pointing fingers at each other. 

Our vendor mediation practice is unique to the industry.  We'll walk through the technology, determine root cause, help define mitigation's with your partners, manage mitigation implementation and much more!

“It must be Kevin's martial arts background that gives him the ability to 'leverage' technology and vendors to submission!  Deep knowledge, ranging from storage through databases and applications, along with his communication skills, makes him an excellent architect to work with”

Hal Koshak

Ready to find out more?

If you are looking for help in any of the following areas, contact us

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Backup Assessment, Design, Implementation

  • Enterprise Architecture 

  • Infrastructure, Application, Data and Security Architecture

  • IT Product Procurement (RFx)

  • Vendor Mediation

  • Cloud Assessments & Implementation

  • Managed Services (server, storage, network and backup, with a full serviced help desk)

We will walk through how our approach, level of experience, depth of knowledge and core values set us apart from our competitors.