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When you find your systems down, either from natural disasters, acts of war, civil unrest or, most likely today, cyber attack, you're looking for a team that:

  • Can deploy quickly and hit the ground running

  • Can quickly analyze your backup / replication / DR solutions and help you piece together the best recovery approach

  • Understands the pressure cooker a recovery effort is

  • Understands how each component of an IT environment fits in the greater landscape and can help you put the puzzle together in the right order

  • Understands communication and transparency

  • Understands regulatory impacts on recoveries that impact most industries

  • Understands the need for discretion

  • Of compassionate technologists that want to get you up and running quickly and back to a normal workday


IT Strategies Group is involved in 30 to 40 recoveries a year, ranging in size from small endpoint only (desktop / laptops) recoveries for non-profits, to large corporate recoveries, involving 1,000's of endpoints and 100's of servers.  

If your systems are down and you need help because your back is against the wall and nothing is working the way it was supposed to, we are only a call away!  We have seen what works, and what doesn't, when it matters most.  Let us take that experience and put it to use getting your business recovered as quickly and completely as possible.

You can use the "Need Help" button to send us an email.  However it is not monitored 24 / 7, if you need immediate help, call 608.467.4431