IT Strateges Group consults on system backup, data backups and backup solutions

The team at IT Strategies Group has been involved in over a hundred disaster recovery efforts.  We have seen what works during recoveries and what does not.  

Let us take those hard won experiences and help you ensure your systems and data are best positioned for a quick, easy and full recovery when the need arises.  A summary of our backup related services is below (See disaster recovery page for our services surrounding data / systems / site recovery):

Backup Design and Implementation Services

Created for organizations that are just starting to create their IT environment (whether on premises or in the cloud) or who are looking to completely start fresh.  Our team of experts will come in and work with you to:

  • Identify your recovery requirements and the backup requirements 

  • Design a backup architecture that best meets your requirements and your budget

  • Work through the product selection and procurement phases with you

  • Either implement the solutions for you, help you implement the solution or manage the backup product vendors implementation of the solution for you

  • Test and validate that the system meets EVERY requirement and provides a clean, easy, timely method of achieving a full recovery, when you need it

Backup Assessments, Gap Analysis and Mitigation Services

With the increased risk of cyber related attacks taking down organizations, the likelihood of needing to recover is receiving more attention from the C-suite.  Our backup assessment consulting service is for organizations that want to:

  • Ensure that the board, C-suite and / or key stakeholder requirements for IT recovery are collected and reflected in the business continuance plan

  • Validate that their backup environment is configured and capable of meeting those requirements

  • Identify any gaps  between the executive / stakeholder requirements and the physical capabilities of the backup environment in place

  • Determine what risk those gaps represent, help organizations decide if they wish to accept those risks or mitigate gaps

  • Create a roadmap outlining the gaps, how they will be mitigated, in what order and what new technologies, if any, will be deployed

  • Execute the roadmap for the client

Managed Backup Services / DR as a Service (DRaaS)

Our MBS  / DRaaS comes as either part of our full managed service offering or as a stand alone.  

We have partnered with key technology partners, enabling us to protect companies that have just started, with just a couple laptops, all the way to large, multi-national corporations with thousands of endpoints and hundreds of servers.

At IT Strategies Group we don't design backup solutions, we design and implement IT recovery solutions, capable of providing fast and complete system and data recovery.

Our Key partners are:

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