IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Banking & Financial Services

Financial institutions are heavily regulated, not only is there activity to automate and bring new online services to market, work must continually be done to meet the regulatory burden placed on them.  Many financial institutions are struggling to update aging core business systems, which often have them running old versions of operating systems, increasing risks of a data breach.  We also see a tendency for challenges with backup and recovery.  Many of our team came from this industry, we understand the challenges and speak the language.  We serve both parts of this industry with a breadth of consulting and managed services.


Beyond maintaining test scores and grades, there are student services, dormitory housing, online classes, governmental compliance, class scheduling and a host of other core functions that drive IT in the education space.  In colleges, there is also the challenge of getting extremely intelligent grant holders to use the central IT's standards and processes.  In public schools budgets are limited and funding for security and backups is difficult to get buy in on.  Most of our business from this industry is infrastructure architecture work (assessments and redesigns, especially virtualization) and recoveries.  We understand the unique challenges and can help.  We serve this industry with a breadth of consulting and managed services.

Energy & Utilities

Many of our clients in these industries are large multi-nationals holding companies who own multiple subsidiaries in each of the main industry segments.  The challenge is to create a set of standards that drives complexity down, decreasing costs, reducing staff burden and driving up availability and performance.  Many are looking for total outsourcing of IT, this includes moving things like sales to SaaS solutions like SalesForce, creating centralized MSP for their subsidiaries or closing their data centers in favor of co-location and 3rd party managed services.  All of this made more challenging because each business units IT, while centralized, needs to be easily separated from the whole if the subsidiary is divested. We understand the needs of this industry and are not only well versed in helping the larger corporations, we have a great track record of bringing that experience and rigor to regional players. We serve both these industries with a breadth of consulting and managed services.

Hospitality / Casinos

ITSG has been involved in many projects and has a large client base in the casino industry.  These clients have primarily used our  backup and assessment services, we have also been involved in two of the largest casino recoveries in the Las Vegas market.   We have several backup architects that hold Nevada gaming licenses and understand how a disaster can affect the front of the house, market reputation and the vastly complex systems in place to monitor gaming systems, house security and even guest's room presets (for returning guests).

Manufacturing & Telecommunications

The founder of IT Strategies Group comes from a heavy background in manufacturing and telecommunications, having held senior management roles  and management /strategy roles in each industry respectively.  In today's manufacturing, everything from sales, through production run planning, QA and regulatory compliance has an IT component or impact, often how well a manufacturer does applying technology to their systems becomes one of their market differentiators.  Today's telecommunications is just as much about technology service offerings as it is about operations, the network, driving complexity down, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory compliance.  We serve both of these industries with a breadth consulting and managed services.